Halo SB-10

The Halo SB-10 single beam spectrophotometer combines exceptional value with precision spectrophotometry in an uncomplicated package.


Spectral Features
The Halo SB-10 can achieve a 2 nm spectral band pass for superior spectra and peak resolution with its single beam optics.  Other specifications include a wavelength accuracy of 0.5nm, baseline stability 0.002Abs/hr (500nm) and stray light 0.05%T (220nm NaI, 340nm NaNO2).


Perform quantitative analyses in either absorbance or transmittance modes and in single wavelengths within a range of 190-1100nm.


Dual Lamp Advantage
By virtue of the halogen tungsten and deuterium lamps typically found in higher end, analytical spectrophotometers the Halo SB-10s wavelength range is an impressive 190nm - 1,100nm.  A dual lamp system also results in higher accuracy than corresponding xenon lamps. Lamp switching is automatic (by default at 340nm) and both lamps are long life.


Others Features
Validation Functions
Stand alone or (Optional) PC Operation
4-Sample Cuvette Holder

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