Aero Series

Aero A700

The Aero A700 is a high performance multi-channel gas chromatograph designed for a broad range of analytical applications.  It has the analytical capability and flexibility required for laboratories performing routine analyses as well as those involved in research and development.  In combination with the GS10 Autosampler, the Aero A700 offers complete automation of a sequential and unattended run of up to 110 samples.

Improved Performance with EasyFlow Technology
With the EasyFlow Technology, carrier-gas flows are automatically adjusted to compensate for the vairations of ambient temperature and pressure.  This innovative technology enhances system stability and delivers constant retention time reproducibility.
Up to 18 EasyFlow channels can be installed in Aero A700.  The carrier gas flow can be manipulated either by constant pressure mode or constant flow rate mode.

Single-channel or Multi-channel Configurations Provide Optimal Analytical Capability
Aero A700 is available with up to three channels configurations with a choice of capillary (split/splitless) injectors and packed-column injectors as well as a selection of six detectors.
Capillary (split/splitless) injectors are applicable to narrow bore and wide bore capillary column.  The nut and seal components of the injector are gold-plated to prevent chemical reaction with sample at elevated temperature.
Packed Column Injectors are applicable to packed column or wide bore capillary column.  With septum purge function, interference caused by bleeding of the septum at high temperature is minimized.

Large Column Oven with High Precision Temperature Control System
The column oven can accommodate 1 to 3 capillary columns with door-open protection and overheat protection, and a maximum of 10 temperature zones.  Fast temperature ramping of up to 80oC/min is achievable by using powerful fan & heating block system as well as the intelligent door-interlock mechanism.

Aero Link Software & Standalone Operation
Aero Link is a powerful and user friendly software specifically designed for the control and data processing of the Aero Series gas chromatography systems.  Besides, the Aero A700 is fully equipped and capable of executing all functions in standalone mode.

User Friendly Operation and Information Rich LCD Display
The extra-large backlit LCD screen displays a large array of data also in graphical format.  The seamless and chemical resistant keypad is designed for easy and quick selection of navigation and function features.

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