Velocity 10R

The 3-litre capacity Velocity 10R features powerful refrigeration combined with an exceptional maximum speed of 10,000 RPM offer the versatility and convenience to manage a wide range of larger scale applications.


Auto rotor recognition
Microchip technology allows for automatic rotor recognition and confirmation once centrifugation has commenced, including rotational speed calculation and optimum temperature control.  Besides, new rotors can be easily loaded onto the on-board database as they are introduced.


Fast Acceleration and Deceleration
The innovative, heavy duty, frequency conversion motor is purposely designed to handle the heaviest of rotors with abundant power output for smooth, quick and efficient acceleration to terminal velocity under fully laden conditions.  Furthermore, 9 pre-set acceleration and 9 pre-set deceleration profiles ensure the right conditions are met for the most precious and vibration sensitive samples.


Powerful Refrigeration
A powerful non -CFC compressor cools the chamber quickly whilst maintaining the rotor at set temperature during centrifugation.  Twin cooling fans - one each for the compressor and motor respectively - dissipate heat quickly to improve cooling efficiency and extend motor life.


Actual Sample (Rotor) Temperature Measurement and Display
The temperature displayed on the LCD panel during centrifugation is that of the rotor (and hence samples) and neither the temperature of the chamber nor the temperature at the sensor.  This allows for more precise, reproducible and efficient experimentation.


Safety Features
Non-contact imbalance detection and shutdown based on the run profile for each rotor across its entire speed range rather than the inferior and conventional micro-switch detector.
Guard barrier
Dual lid electronic interlock
Auto-hinge for improved sealing and door opening
Over speed detection and shutdown
Motor overheat detection and shutdown


User Friendly Operation and Information Rich Display
Parameters are quickly and effortlessly inputted through the uncomplicated touch pad interface and displayed on the brightly backlit and easy to read LCD panel.  The LCD panel concurrently displays all experimentation parameters including diagnostic information as it occurs.


Quiet Operation
Noise abating insulation in the console including lower noise fans combine to reduce the audible operating noise to 62dB.

VELOCITY 10R Rotor Information